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A regular visit to your family dentist is an essential part of maintaining a healthy mouth. Not only is it important for the integrity of your smile, but the world expects you to look your best, whether you are at work or at play, and having a good set of teeth can take you far in life! With over 27 years of experience as a family dentist serving the Pasadena and Baytown community, we are equipped to handle all individuals' oral hygiene needs. Baytown Family Dental takes pride in developing individual treatment plans, fitted to the individual based on financial abilities and healthcare needs. Our capacity ranges from the simplest of dental cleaning procedures to managing patients with difficult health statuses and multiple complications.

Examinations from our dentist can help identify problem areas such as cavities before they do permanent damage. The cavities can be filled in and capped with dental crowns, which will make the affected tooth look just like its neighbors. Baytown Family Dental can also provide custom dentures if you choose to pursue this option instead. From partial dentures to bridges and more, we provide the dental services you want, tailored to your specific needs. Some people are worried about dental hygiene because operations such as root canals or wisdom teeth extractions might be painful. Fortunately, modern medical technology and the gentle touch of our family dentist we will help you to be comfortable and relaxed during your procedure.

Essentially healthy teeth can still have problems, such as stubborn coffee stains or crookedness. This is where teeth cleaning and teeth whitening service can come in handy to help the patient obtain that perfect smile.

Many residents of Baytown, TX, rely on Baytown Family Dental when they need to visit a dental office. Our clinic has the friendliest staff in town, and treat all our patients as family. We look at your needs and options as if it were for ourselves and our family. Our doctor also speaks English, Spanish, and French, and is prepared to assist clients of various nationalities. We are more than equipped to handle all your cosmetic dentistry and dental procedures.


Cosmetic Dentist

Professional dentistry to bring charming, beautiful smiles.

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Comprehensive cleaning semi-annually to keep you smiling all year long.

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Affordable and quality dental care.




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